4K Max vs. Fire TV Cube

With the Cube on sale for $70, is it worth switching from the stick? More storage alone is great, but is the streaming quality more smooth?

Any input would be helpful. Even if there is an existing link on this topic. Thanks folks!


Both deliver the same streaming experience, but the cube doubles as a hands free Alexa Speaker. So if you need or want a speaker, for Alexa, then spend that little bit more.


I dont think the cube uses wifi6. i stand to be corrected but the fire max uses wifi6. i recently bought the eero wifi 6 mesh router and the fire max. previously i had the regular 4k stick with a wifi 5 mesh. i got 22 megs with the 4k and wifi 5 . the fire max and eero are currently giving me 78 megs. thats all i needed to see. However, the cube does allow for ethernet which would nullify everything i just wrote above. lol


This is very helpful. Thank you

Appreciate your opinion Miki. Helpful, because i could care less about the speaker part. So if that’s the big difference, not worth it,even with the big sale price.

Hey, that only comes from customer comments and reviews. I’m not speaking from experience. That strictly references the streaming quality and audio/video codecs. There was nothing about controls and their use or quality of the actual cube. The firestick does have the ipv6 protocols but I think the cube certainly has more on board storage, but memory can be added to the stick. I do know that my Firesticks usually lasts about 2 yrs before superior tech comes along. Personally I would love the opportunity to test something like the cube for about $20 more.

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When I finally bought a Shield for my main TV I kept my Firecube connected as a back up…lucky I did with that Shield upgrade fiasco!!! I originally kept it there mainly for the Alexa capability as I’m heavily into the smart home.

I liked the Cube because of the amount of memory as I would record to it for shows I knew I would not be home to watch. I never have problems with it and my speeds are fine for streaming. Although I do all my recording to the Shield now that I got it running again, my Cube will still be part it my setup.

I have a 4K in my den running IP6 and yes I have better speeds, but it really doesn’t make a difference for me as well above what I need for streaming anyway.


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