4K Max Update is good

Ok so I know many users, including myself, turn off the Amazon updates for the Fire TV OS. I do leave the update on for the Amazon verified apps. My reason is simple, I like to install updates when I want to. So I’m using the Update Blocker and usually plan to do updates at the beginning of every month. This last week I noticed my stick doing random odd things. At times the remote would go unresponsive, other times the stick would seem to lock up, and still other times there was stuttering when using the Silk browser. All very odd on any sticks I’ve ever programmed but particularly so on a brand new Max. So now I decide to check everything possible to see if I noticed something unusual. I check with both my custom launcher enabled and then disabled returning me to the stock Amazon home screen. I run tests, check for malware/adware/spyware and there isn’t anything unusual. So my last option is to see if there are any updates. Low and behold there are in fact 3 updates in a row, taking me 30 minutes to complete. At one time it simply stalled on the “installing update” screen with a notice that the system would reboot after several minutes to complete the update, it didn’t. So after 10 minutes I had to back out of that window and manually reboot the stick. Thank god it worked and not only did it work but for now it seems to have resolved all my issues. It’s been my personal experience that the Amazon updates are a good thing, but only when the update is to fix glitches or security issues. Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to determine ahead of time precisely what is getting updated. So if anyone using the Firestick notices some glitches and odd behavior that often is attributed to things like over heating, check for updates cause there’s a big one that came out.

MERRY christmas to one and all, and a very Happy New Year. Have fun and STREAM ON.



Which is why you shouldn’t block updates. Sometimes it’s just software modifications in the updates. Amazon isn’t blocking out 3rd party aps or apks.

It’s probably best to let the software update the os as it could very well be a fix for those odd glitches. I don’t know why people continue to block them, this isn’t a windows machine.

But I appreciate the information.


Ya, after this last issue I agree with you Dracoo. I’m going to leave the update on and focus on limiting the bloatware. Have a great day.


Btw I wasn’t trying to sound rude, I love when people try things and mess with their devices to get the best out of them.

My comment was mainly towards Amazon gear, they seem to relay on updates to function and alot of the errors everyone has with them get sent to Amazon as part of a diagnostics information packet which their tech team probably fixes with updates.

Windows based or Android based items are similar but not as problematic.

I’m not sure if Amazon actually sends out patch notes to any fixes they done. I don’t have the product.

Oh I never take what you say as being rude. You make your point bluntly and precise, I love that. As I mentioned in my OP I’ve always considered Amazon updates as a good thing, but after years of using Windows and in particular being a major reg modifier, I’ve been trained to be leary of updates and to only allow them on my time. As always @TP-Dracoo thanks for speaking your mind and doing so honestly.

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However this brings me up to a point and something I think is happening.

Each time Amazon rolls out a update to their stick people are saying they have issues with there stick or some apps won’t work anymore and think it’s blocked.

What I believe is happening is the update changes code and some structure the os is on inculding registry values and such which might break sideloaded apps, a good measure after an update if something fails is to uninstall and reinstall, that way to fixes anything broken after an update. Depending on the update the os may be altered so some apps get screwed in the process. Including any video playback code as well.

After all Amazon os that runs fire tv is a android fork, heavly modified.

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That’s absolutely spot on Dracoo.