4k max cache help

I have a 4K max can’t delete cache like 4K stick will not 0 out some double when you try

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So on your 4k Max, Amazon has apps that no matter how often you close the app and clear cache, they will back fill, and there isn’t anything that can be done about that, except to debloat your stick using the DeBloater tool from on the Troypoint RAI.
Go to the Troypoint app at: troypoint.com/tpapp and scroll down to the DeBloater tool and install it.


Thank you for your response will try this

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What id recommend doing is when your done with a app let’s say Netflix, close it but use a background app killer to fully shut it down so it’s not running in the background.

Each time you are done with a app close it off so it’s not running in the background. This helps with performance on firesticks

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