4k Kodi add on not working

I just installed the 4k add-on. All went well however regardless of what I try to playback I am getting the same message, one or more items failed to play, check the log for more information.

I do not use debris so I have that turned off however turning it on made no difference. I must be missing something. I appreciated any help or guidance to remedy this. Thanks in advance.


Hi, welcome back to the platform.

4K is a video addon for Real-Debrid users located within the Narcacist’s Repository, which contains other quality addons like Asgard.

Real Debrid, and VPN account are a must. Also you must’ve decent internet connection with high speed to be able to watch 4K, and UHD videos.

Here is TP manual how to install 4K add-on correctly, scroll down to table of contents for all information about this add-on.

If you need further assistance pls post your comment again.:+1:

Hello, I installed the 4k add-on to a T per your instructions. All went well. I am using IPVanish with 180mbps download. I cannot play anything using this add-on however I can play 4k content using other add-ons.
I am still getting the same error, one or more items failed to play, check the log for more information.
It wont play movies, TV shows. I can play 4k content off my server and with other apps. Thank you.


The best thing to do is to improve the download speed. Your ISP connection is 180 Mbps but when connecting to VPN download speed gets lower. Continuously you have to search for the fasted server to improve higher download speed.

To be able to watch 4k video you will need at least 25 Mbps.

Here are few tools you can use to increase the download speed. Those can be downloaded from RAI.

  1. Fast Task Killer: This is very small app with just one click to run, it’s very easy to use. stop apps from running in background, this will increase the performance, and Memory in your device.
    Fast Task Killer Manual from TP

  2. Analiti Speed Test. This app will increase the download speed, also very easy to use, “for the best performance run the test couple of times” , just installed, and run speed test from RAI. It will take few seconds to run, and in the results will show the download/upload speed, it also show the available and minimum speed required to run 1080/4k/4k uhd, and 8k videos.
    Analiti Speed Test Manual from TP

If you don’t have the RAI from TP. This manual will show you how to get it. If you have any other questions pls post them we will be glad to help.:+1:

Quote from Matrix:
“Analiti Speed Test. This app will increase the download speed,”

Matrix please do not get upset at me but Analiti cannot and does not increase your internet speed. It is a test only app. Now if I am mistaken I would love to learn what you know that I don’t.

Real-Debrid did the magic trick. I had a premium account on standby but never used it. Fiddling with the settings in the 4k addon and Real-Debrid I was able to get everything working. Im not even sure what I did to be able to repeat the steps but it is working perfectly. I am very impressed. Thanks everyone for the help.


Glad you where helped @aeg and everything is working, if you no longer need assistance feel free to mark your topic with a solution sir. Enjoy, and thats for being a insder and patron.


Don’t worry about it and I know that this just for speed test, but in combination with Fast Task Killer it does the job for me, my download speed increases with 30 Mbps.

As I mentioned in other post how to increase internet speed.


Great new your problem is solved, if you have any other questions pls post them we will be glad to help :+1:


Oh I’m not worried, but as we’re giving advice to those with less knowledge than us, incorrect or misleading comments can confuse them even more. So I strive for precise info. I’m glad your speed seemed to increase but it had nothing to do with Analiti and highly unlikely that FTK did either. Thank you for your response.

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