4k fire throwing off tv color

When watching IPTV with 4k firestick, my tv color is more darker. Has anyone had this happen to them? If so how do you fix this issue.

Actually I did yesterday. For the first time ever I had issues on a 65" Sony and a new 4k Max, being too dark when playing IPTV. Not the colour really but the overall picture. I don’t have an answer to fix this unfortunately, I just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone. I have to do more research. If I find a solution I’ll report back. I can tell you that using the same stick on a Samsung TV I did not have brightness issues.

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Yes my tv is a 60 inch LG and it’s weird because my stick that’s not 4K has a normal picture then the 4K when using and IPTV service. You would think the 4K fire stick would be better.

Well we may have discovered a minor glitch with the 4K. I’m going to send some txts, do some research, and see if others have this issue as it could be a problem worth reporting. If I find any suggestions I will post them. I’m also wondering if this may be a rendering issue for the 4k on larger TV’s. We’ll see.


Just to be clear is it 4k channels only or all channel’s darker? Is it just iptv? Movies TV shows vod?

It’s for all movies/tv shows. I can’t speak to 4K or otherwise, I limit everything to 1080. IPTV is fine, Silk, kodi sports, all seem to be fine. Just movies/tv series.


This is happening to you to? On movies and TV shows is it with a app like syncler stremio kodi? Os it on iptv movies TV shows? Is it on paid apps like Netflix?

I ask because if it was the device I’d assume it be everything, and if that’s the case it also could be a nom calibrated hdmi port.

It’s strictly on Movies and TV Series no matter the app Stremio, TeaTV are the two I tested. This on a 4K Max on a 65" Sony. I have a 50" Samsung and it doesn’t happen on there. I connected the stick to the HDMI ARC port.


Are these tvs equipped with hdr? My theory Is the high dynamics range is making it dark, turn off hdr and try, that should explain the other tv working fine and older stick.

Even when I am watching live tv it has a darker background

These aren’t older sticks. These are the 4K Max. I’ll look into the HDR when I get back over to the guys place. He’s clean across town from me. Tx for the lead TP-Dracoo. Oh sorry I didn’t see the other response.

Even my Amazon firestick Home Screen looks darker

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