409 Error code in Tivimate

All of a sudden, I’m getting nothing but 409 error codes on tivimate on both the mecool km6 and firestick 4k max. Have most recent version installed. Nordvpn is on. Any ideas? My IPTV service still has 2 months on subscription. Any help greatly appreciated.

sure its 409 and not 403?

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I would double check with your iptv service support to make sure it isn’t errors on there end.

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If just started it could be maintenance or a prob theyre workin on…

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Positive. 409 every time. Looks like some unscheduled maintenance popped up.

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most likely a server side issue. If it persist I would contact the provider.


Did you add the playlist using Xtream Codes? If so be sure to uncheck the VOD box before adding. That’s the only time I’ve heard of this sort of issue.

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