4 K Smart TV Recommendation

I saw this topic earlier today but it was closed before I could enter a post. Since I am somewhat of a videophile, I wanted to mention LG OLED (organic (carbon based) light emitting diode), as a higher priced alternative for a smart tv. I would base this purchase decision on picture quality alone as the LG smart tv operating system and features are comparable to most other major brands, (i.e., Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, etc.) The OLED picture, which is quite stunning, is based on individual pixel lighting rather than a universal backlight for the entire screen. This creates better contrast and better off center viewing angles of your tv image, which is quite noticeable when compared with other tv screen formats. As others have said, it is much better to use a separate android tv box connected via hdmi cable to your smart tv as you will get much greater access to apps than the smart tv app stores, which tend to focus on premium services like Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney +, etc.

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Oled will be my next choice. My 60 inch is 5+ years old led, still works great amazing 1080p but only my kid uses it… the living room is his.

So might get a small bedroom oled. I 4k game on my custom pc so theres that, but not recently. Need to vid card.

But i agree the oled is nice if you can afford it. My choice might be sony this time around.

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I am a Samsung guy and have had them for year’s they’re coming out with a Samsung Neo QLED 8K and can’t wait to see them in action coming out in 2022 sometime . You can pre order now. I am thinking of going from my 75 to the 85 if they perform the way they say . Just something to think about

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Nothing is really available in 8k… id wait. 4k isn’t fully broadcasted yet.

I bought the Sony 65" OLED about 6 months ago. I’ve been blown away by the noticeable difference in picture quality. My expectations was it would look good in the beginning but I would eventual adapt to the change and not appreciate it as much. To my surprise, just the opposite has happened.

I keep picking up on the difference from my 55" 4k LED bedroom TV, which is a good TV as well.

I highly recommend it if you are big into this kind of stuff.

The trick to buying an OLED tv is to wait for year end close outs or holiday specials. I bought a 55” 2016 close out model in early 2017 for $750 off the suggested retail. Even with this reduced pricing, OLED sets are going to be more $$ than Samsung or Sony. The OLED technology simply increases the cost of producing these screens, which increase in price quite a bit between the smaller (50-55”) and largest (80”) sizes. These tvs aren’t for everyone, especially for folks on a budget. But for overall picture quality they can’t be beat.


Costco is closing them out right now. You can get the LG 55" OLED for $1300.

For sure. Always wait for the deal. I was planning to buy mine during black friday/cyber Monday etc. Instead, Amazon came out with a surprising great deal in September. I bought the latest Sony Oled model for $1800… a lot of bucks but I have yet to see it sold cheaper. Eventually it will but I think I snagged a pretty good deal in hindsight.

The naked eye will have a hard time seeing any difference between 4k and 8k, particularly with the most common screen sizes and average viewing distances. There are quite a few on line tech sites with articles about differences between 1080p, 4k and 8k along with how big a screen and distance from the screen the viewer would need to be in order to see any difference between them.

Me to @Bigrich . I have all Samsung electronics. Part of it’s appeal is that parts are readily available here dhould I need them. My wife’s phone quit, and they gave us a whole new one without question. It was 5 months old.

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I only watch at 720p as my TV upscales and is a great picture for these old eyes, not to mention a smaller file size for less buffering. Not sure 8K would even work for me. Any idea what speeds you would need and how big would an 8K be? Bigger than bluray?

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Check your Analiti app while doing a speed test. There is a check off chart displayed to show if your internet speed is enough to stream in 4k or 8k.

Oh ya thanks for reminding me. I have seen that and do occasionally achieve those speeds. What about size on say 1-1/2 hr movie. Cheers.

That is a terrific price for new LG Oled. Back in 2017 I paid $1,700 on a 55” close out model.

If you are on a tighter budget Costco has the Samsung. QLED for $700.

The last article I read said that ALL OLED screens are made by LG and sold to all other makers. Those manufactuers then install their own software.

I have read that also on several tech sites and believe that is correct. The larger the screen, the more difficult it is to make. Other tv manufacturers have yet to master OLED screen manufacturing and LG has been providing them.

I have had a few and still have one Samsung. But once I bought my first LG OLED back in 2018 I got completely spoiled. LG OLED picture is the best out there. I bought another one last year. I wish they were cheaper for sure but once you have the best it’s hard to go back. LG holds the patent on OLED I believe.

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