3D streaming with Kodi 19.3

Since updating to Kodi 19.3, I am unable to get 3D content to display properly on my 3D capable TV. Side by side programs seem to have a double image off to the side, and top and bottom formats have a double image above or below. The 3D setting is currently disabled on Kodi. 3D worked fine with Kodi 18. Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.


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I believe you will need a kodi addon to play 3d content, also the source link needs to have 3d.


Just out of curiosity, does that UKT repo/add-on (my apologies, I’m not positive which it’s considered. Still a newbie) work with Kodi 19.3? That article only said 16 and 17 from what I saw. I could be skipping over something though. I am having the same problem. As well as repo’s just not connecting to the server even though my internet is good. Any help with any of this would be great! I’ve been trying to get this down for a few months now. Yes, it’s my first time using Kodi lol

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