39.99 T95 box from ebay

hey guys just wanted to let everyone know that T95 box i got must be defective sent email to seller for a refund ,with box right next to router would only get 3mbps when plugged in with Ethernet cable 5mbps all other electronic wifi devices work fine in the house firestick and onn streaming devices run flawlessly i tired factory reset twice,also could not get ipvanish to work properly on it kinda bummed i had no luck with it i guess i will look around for something different to play with if anyone has any ideas on a new toy that’s not that expensive let me know thanks guys

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That is a bummer…
Kinda reaffirms my decision to buy via Amazon.


did you try a good quality ethernet cable?

yes tried a spare cable and the cable firestick runs off of no luck also i never really had problem sending anything back on ebay thru a seller and ebay has a money back guarantee thanks guys

Do a search for other boxes and recommend stuff. There is tons of info.