24/7 Channels freeze every 3-5 mins on TiviMate

The 24/7 channels freeze on us while using TiviMate every 3-5 mins on both Nvidia Shield Pro and TiVo Stream 4K. It does not happen through the IPTV app itself or through IPTVSmarters. Everything else runs smooth and not issues at all, not even buffering. I’ve cleared cache. Any ideas? Am I missing something in the settings?

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Make sure to use “large” in the buffer settings. That worked for me.

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@Miki Thank You for that. I will give it a try


If it’s not the buffer size it will be your iptv service. If increasing that don’t work then contact their support.


Thanks. The buffer size seems the issue in TiviMate. The Provider app nor IPTVSmarters has any issues. Thanks