2 Router setup for VPN purposes, or no?

Hi y’all. Trying to get household consistent with utilizing VPN bc we are all IPTV… should I add a 2nd router to setup for the VPN, or is this an outdated method? Or is it possible to have just my main router run the VPN to all connected devices with it also identifying apps that that need to be pass vpn via tunnel to tunnel? I’m using ASUS AX 5700 dual band as my main, and a Nighthawk AC 1900 R700 as a second connection, if necessary . Is Merlin something that can be installed if I’m just running 1? Not sure what it is but can figure it out iwith y’all’s help. Thanks.

no need for a second router, the asus if not too old could run merlin firmware and then within that you can direct the vpn where needed. To can check if your router will work here.

Thanks for reply. Yes, it’s an RT-AX86U model, I see it on the list. Is the DD-WRT something I can do in conjunction with Merlin? I know… I’m researching but also doesn’t hurt to ask

merlin is all you need and some time figuring it out, not too bad really

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Awesome, thanks. I may be back soon

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