14.4 Million Active Users: Unofficial Kodi Community Stats for May 2019 |



I’d like to see the stats, on how many IPTV users/cord cutters there are, out there! Funny thing is, DirecTV was saying a short while ago, when they were hemorrhaging subscriptions to their service, it didn’t bother them, because those were the subscribers who they were not making money on. A recent article I read, indicates that DirecTV might be in more of a panic mode, that they want to let onto! Maybe, if these media companies would offer people what they actually wanted, they might make a lot more money.

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Here is one such report. Interesting numbers.

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“The number of cord cutters is predicted to reach 55.1 million by 2022.”

Wow!!! If they’re not listening now, they better start! That’s an increase of over 20 million +. With that much of an increase, within the next 3 years, I’d say the industry better pay attention to what subscribers are looking for!

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