1 or 2 device not sure?

Hate to ask this but can someone tell me if I have an IPTV service connected to 2 different players on the same stick is that consider 2 devices or would I need to force stop one of them every time so as not exceed my allowable of connections? Thanks

Pretty sure most subscriptions for a single device will just fail to load a secondary instance within another app/device.
I think maybe @Miki might be able to advise you on that, he’s passed a lot of IPTV info my way whenever I’m stuck :+1:

Devices don’t matter…it’s connections…if you have 2 you can stream both on the same device or 2 different devices.

Just remember…if you record something that also counts as a connection.



If you’re using free IPTV service you can add the same m3u url playlist to more than one player at the same time.

But if you have paid service. The most subscription don’t allow you to use more than one player at the same time.

In my subscriptions before, and now I can’t use more than one player at the same time.

I guess I’ve been real lucky…every paid subscription I’ve gotten with 2 connections has been on my tivimate over 2 different devices & on an xciptv player in my bluestacks on my laptop. All 3 would work, as long as I didn’t use more than 2 at a time with my 2 connection service.

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Yes you are very lucky man to be able to watch one subscription in one device on two different players, this will be depends on the country and service. In some countries in the far east they also have subscriptions that you can use on 6 devices also within more players.

If you pay more you can also watch one subscription on two different divices.

Again what I’m using is one subscription on one device on one player at the same time. So many service don’t allow to use more than one.

I believe you are misunderstanding my statement…my service happens to allow me 2 connections at a base price…if I want more than 2 connections, I pay an extra couple of $s for each one. My original answer to greg6’s question was: devices don’t matter…if you pay for 1 connection you get 1 connection…if you pay for 2 or 3 or 5 connections, you get how many you pay for. How & where they are spread around your devices or players is irrelevant (as long as the service you buy isn’t IP locked…which most aren’t) as long as you don’t exceed your maximum connections paid for. Ergo: it’s not devices…it’s connections…so if greg6 is paying for 2 connections…he can have those 2 connections on 2 different players on 1 device. I’ve actually done just that to monitor an assertion that a smarters player didn’t buffer as much as a tivimate player did…btw…that assertion was incorrect.



I understand your statement well, but it seems you didn’t understand my earlier statement.

Again some services don’t allow the use of one subscription more than in one device in more than one player.

So I’m using one this was clear in my statement, and if you can use in one subscription in more devices, and in more than one player at the same time then as you stated you’re a lucky guy.

I don’t understand why are you pointing at me this way as you know better which I don’t appreciate, so please don’t do that.

Because you contradicted my answer to the original question…& I believe I’ve been nothing but cordial in my answers…this will be my last post on this subject…have a lovely day :cowboy_hat_face:

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Well I think you missed my point :point_up::joy: anyway thanks for your statement you to have a good streaming day :+1:

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