Z8 Formula Box pro

Hi i recently bought this box which i am new to i am trying to put a apk on it but i am blocked from downloading it from google and ive tried puffin aswell a y thoughts on this thanks guys


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Use the Downloader, or put the rai on the phone and send it to the box. The box with send my files app, use that on your phone. Ez pz

Ive tried downloader the linkhis blocked i am new to this whats a rai ?


Im 95.6 percent sure its not blocked. Send my files is on the z8 pro, put it on your phoke download to your phone send it to the box boom done.

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Hey @Bigtony12345
Did your Z8 box come with a pre-installed app called Market?
If so, look in there for the Downloader app and install it.
It might be in the Utilities section.


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