YouTube Really Sucks

They took down my videos on The Crew settings and setting up Kodi. I know a lot of people found the first one helpful. I’ll upload it to Google Drive or something and edit the original post on here. The video on Tivimate is still on YouTube and if they try to take that one down I’ll dispute it, because everything is 100% legal in that video.


Both topics open so they can be edited. Shitty youtube.

When there fixed keep me posted.


Thank you. I will let you know.


Try Rumble for uploading your videos.
I also vote for you to do a guide on audio settings for those of us who have home theather systems.


agree with Rumble, cool site and fast growing.

I hear you. Eventually I’ll get around to the audio post, but I’m so busy that I don’t think it will be within the next couple weeks. Maybe even a month.

For some reason I thought Google only allowed 5GB but it’s actually 15GB. Just going to create a new account and upload the two videos there.

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I 3rd the Rumble idea.:+1:

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