YouTube not supported on first generation Amazon Fire TV Box?

I have a first generation amazon fire tv box but no matter what I have attempted to install YouTube I cannot get it to download. I am a youtube premium subscriber but when I click “Get” on the youtube icon a message states there was a problem downloading the app. Another message shows/states that I already have purchased it and it should begin downloading shortly BUT it never does. I did read somewhere that there was a dispute between YouTube and Amazon so that Amazon first generation Fire TV Boxes and Fire TV sticks no longer support youtube. If there is a way to work around this I would greatly appreciate being informed how to to do it.

I would guess that you are correct in saying that the 1st gen may not support YouTube and/or a lot of different apps now. 1st gen is pretty outdated, I’m not sure it is worth the fight to try and “workaround” the issue. Firesticks are on sale (and are every few weeks it seems), for $25 you can get a 4k, $35 a Max. Even if you could get the YouTube back on your 1st gen, I’m guessing down the road you will continue to have similar issues with other apps and software. : firetv

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3rd gen cubes went on sale yesterday for $125. Old tech is just that>Old, and devs can’t keep up with coding for new OS coding let alone make sure old tech is compatible with their app or apps. The new cubes are a big step up imho.

Thats not entirly true. The coding doesnt change all that much. Google just dont care to enough to have older versions made available for okder devices.

Devs can keep up. The software doesnt change a huge amount. The hardware specs change. Most of the time its a tiny update to make an app ready for new os. It just depends on what changed.

Unless they have to rewrite entire code then yea that would be considered huge. Like python 3 vs 2.

Codding language still the same behind the scenes. Unfortunately big companies just drop support as soon as a new os or something comes out. Annoying really. But id update that stick its outdated and very rough on hardware specs.

Agreed “most of the time” , but with ever evolving tech and changes like GoogleTV overlay, many 3rd party devs are no longer updating apps for old stuff. I wouldn’t want to have to keep up with today’s advancements, I imagine it takes a ton of work. I admire coders today. Have a good day everyone.

It’s all the same codding language most of the time. Ever changing tech doesn’t mean the codding language stops. The problem with 3rd party devs is because all these updates happen in a very rapid short time it breaks the code so apps need to be updated. Most of these devs move on if they are not making money on it or something like that. Google and amazon’s control over their systems have killed most app and dev support. It’s actually extremely frustrating.

But, to get back on point, id upgrading your device. Youtube works on amazon.

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