YouTube Install Inside of Tivimate

I was wondering if there was any way you could drop the YouTube apk as a playlist in Tivimate? I know you would need their server address and m3u and I don’t know how forthcoming Google would be with that info. Being Google owns an open source platform like android you wouldn’t think there would be a problem right? Just wondering if this was possible.


I’m pretty sure tivimate does not read yt within a m3u.

You can do livestreams or channels from url with vlc and tivimate using that a external player.

But for what your asking won’t work as far as I know. Maybe someone knows something different.

Think you need a YouTube url and vlc.

Edit: also mentioned below. I wouldn’t bother.

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You realize that would mean making a playlist of every single video in existence on YouTube? No, it’s not possible. And it would be so large that you’d run out of memory on your device just from the size of it.


I didn’t think about that. I’m new to the tivimate app and thought of some what ifs.