Youtube for samsung tablet

Is there a youtube free version for samsung tablets

SmartTube Next is on the Rapid App Installer. (ad-free)
How to Watch YouTube Without Ads in 2022 (4 Working Solutions) (

I tried it but will not allow me to access the guide to search for videos only shows new listings not my account

You can’t log into your Youtube account? I havent had it on my Samsung phone in a while, but I swear I thought I used to be logged in for personalized video list.

Have you tried the Youtube Revanced?

I couldnt. Get recanced to download it said no download

Gotcha…just tried the SmartTube Next on my phone and you are right couldn’t get logged in. I’m not a big YouTube person so it has been a while since I tried these. My son uses YouTube for his kids shows on the boxes and sticks but those all seem to work fine with these apps.

I tried the 3rd rime and it worked let me sign in and it works great

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Samsung tablets run on Android. All my Samsung tablets have come with Andriod version of the YouTube app installed. If the app is not there you should also have access to the Google Playstore (a standard app on Samsung tablets) to the download. The original app will be far more effective than any workaround on the TPI.

There is nothing wrong with using the standard YouTube app, but some of us get spoiled and want the ads removed lol. (Guilty as charged)

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