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Good morning everyone I hope there is someone out there can can help me. I took the plunge and updated to Kodi 19.2 on my firestick. i am now having a problem where Kodi wont kick in and just says Building Menu Please wait . You Nique Sidekick shows in the bottom right of the screen and Kodi in the bottom left. Help!!!

Hi @bigbadjohn
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So, interesting question. So If I understand you correctly, you did the Kodi update? Now your Kodi build and Kodi itself are having trouble.
I might suggest uninstalling them both. Then do a fresh install of the new Kodi version first, then do a fresh install of your Kodi build and see if that solves it. What might be happening is that the Kodi build you are using may not be compatible to Kodi version 19.2.
Good luck, hope that helps.

Hi there, thanks for the speedy reply. Because I was having so much trouble with it I already decided to uninstall and reinstall Kodi 19.2 which has resolved the problem. Still don’t know wtf is you nique sidekick is but all good at the moment. Stay safe and well, best wishes Tom

From the info I found it’s a skin.

Oh thank you so much for the information. As a 77 year old it was bugging me into thinking that I had done something wrong. I am now looking at trying to find an idiots guide at setting the Aeon Nox Silvo skin to look like the old one that I had with Kodi 18.9 Leila, any ideas where I can find one. Stay safe and well. Best wishes from a dull and coldish East Kent UK.
Take care Tom

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