Yellow Scrolling Light on FireTV Cube

I had posted back in December with yellow scrolling light issues. I got some good advice and changed the IPVanish to the Ashburn server and the yellow light went away. Until yesterday. It’s back, So the Ashburn server is no longer helping me. There was some other advice to split tunnel Amazon stuff but I couldn’t figure out what? When the yellow light is scrolling, when I first wake the cube up, all I have to do is turn IPVanish off and the yellow light goes off. Not even in any apps or apks yet. So what Amazon stuff do I need to split tunnel off the vpn? Thoughts?

No light: The device is on and waiting for your request.
Solid blue with sweeping cyan lights: The device is starting up.
Solid blue with cyan light pointing in one direction: Alexa is busy processing your request.
Alternating solid blue and cyan light: The device is responding.
Alternating blue and cyan pulsing light: Time has ended / Alarm is going off.
Sweeping blue light: Controlling external device / Voice remote pairing mode.
Three blue flashes: Connecting to / Disconnecting from Bluetooth.
Pulsing red light: Device error.
Solid red light: Device is muted.
Pulsing purple light: Wi-Fi connection timed out, setup failed.
Sweeping orange light: Device is in set up mode OR has wifi issues.
Slow pulsing orange light: Unheard SMS.
Pulsing orange light (from sides to center): Wake word is changing.
Sweeping green light (left to right): Outbound call / Drop In ringing.
Pulsing green light (from center outwards): Incoming call / Drop In.
Sweeping green light: Call / Drop In connected.
White light (incremental increase / decrease): Device volume is being adjusted.

This is from Amazon. Sorry but it’s not much help IMHO.


I had the same issue for weeks. Didn’t affect anything really, as all APKs, etc worked fine; just annoying. Someone here said to split tunnel all Amazon items (all programs, apps, etc.) and that worked; no pulsing light since then. BTW, this is an Amazon issue, not a VPN issue.

I dont have a cube but on the echo devices a yeallow light means you have a new notification or message from amazon. Might be that but i dont know for sure

I went around with Amazon back in December. Internet is fine, not the problem. And if I wake the cube up it is not in setup mode. I don’t use any Amazon apps or stuff so not sure what I would split tunnel. All I do is put the cube to sleep. After 15-20 minutes the scrolling yellow light starts. If I wake the device and simply turn off IPVanish the yellow light goes out immediately. Turn IPVanish back on and within 15-20 minutes the yellow light is on. When it was on the Ashburn server it had stopped. Now suddenly it started. If Amazon allows IPVanish on their app store why would they do something to cause yellow light when you use it? I will try other servers to see if the light goes away. Annoying.

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