Xteve Won't Connect

I have xteve installed in my computer Windows 10, my task manager indicates it’s there, when I try to navigate to IP address there’s nothing there won’t connect. Okay TX Ron what’s up?

that’s all French to me, what does go to?

There’s only one video I found on the subject matter, and he’s very fast not clear what he does! If somebody gives me a video I won’t need to be spoon-fed!

I dont use windows so not much help there but once xteve is installed it must be started. It would appear thats your issue. Going to take some time, but you will need to read the setup anf follow directions to start it. That url is how you access xteve on your lan and it will not work if not started.

Okay, I gotcha, I have it on the task manager in indicates is starting but maybe something else is wrong. Are you aware of any other type of videos or other information that brings things down to the basic on the internet?

xteve windows setup - YouTube

Yeah the first video is the only one that speaks to xteve. And I believe that’s volume 2 of the video that I already utilize and sounds like the same author. Oh well I guess this wasn’t meant for the beginner or even a moderate. Looks like you’re the only one on this website that has accomplished it.

Xteve as a Windows Service

Download NSSM from https://nssm.cc/release/nssm-2.24.zip
Unzip and copy NSSM to C:\windows\System32 folder
Open a command prompt
Use the following command: nssm install Xteve
Path C:\PathToXteve\xteve.exe
Startup directory C:\PathToXteve
Arguments (If any) : -config=C:\PathToXteve\Config or -port="XXXX" (For XXXX use the port you desire)
Click Install service.
From the command prompt run this command: nssm start Xteve
Xteve should now start as a service.

The video used different pathways and arguments. It was a lot simpler on his video is almost like it’s automatic to the pathway. But I just call it a day. Thanks.