Xfinity stream app worked on onn earlier but not on new onn box

I bought an ONN box two months ago and installed xfinity streaming app from RAI. It worked fine. I bought two more ONN boxes, installed the same app from RAI. It does not work. I get a message that screen mirroring must be turned off - I have never seen this before. I can’t find screen mirroring on the onn box. I checked this newest box and it has the same firmware, security patch date and build number as the earlier boxes. Anyone got any idea what is going on. The older boxes continue to work.

Make sure you have install from unknown sources for RAI. If still having problem, i would reset and start fresh.

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Good morning Hgmartin

What is RAI and how would I get to it ?


This app in general is extremely hard to find compatible app versions for Android TV. The app is only for firestick and phones putting it on Android boxes with Google Play will have to dig through bunch of APK sites and check each version of modded versions to see which one works. This is how I had to find a version of this app that worked on a Android box. Think it works on Roku too. For some reason they never made an app for Android TV just phones.

RAI is the old Rapid App Installer. It has evolved>>>>

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