Xenon Build Chefwizard won't install on kodi

Xenon chefwizard will not install on kodi 19.1 after hours, and the it will time-out. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks

I’m using Xenon Plus 5.0 on Kodi (don’t laff) 18.9 with no problems. If I remember correctly when the Kodi 19 came out I upgraded it and it crashed so I rolled it back. No problems since.

Had the same problem, I uninstalled then reinstalled 19.1 and reinstalled the chef wizard with no problems!

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I found it’s a matter of luck.

The first was a failure, then ok.

Just loaded Kodi from Rap Installer, then tried the build, nothing.
Reloaded, different save name. Deleted old install, continued with new - ok so far

I’m using Xenon Plus 6.1 over Kodi 19.1. I have re installed when a newer version has come out and found several times that the download gets interrupted or it times out. I think it can depend on the draw on the bandwidth at the server end. I try and do this when the Americans are sleeping. Perseverance … Xenon is worth it ! :grin:

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Using 19.1 and the xenon build. No problem

Good morning, I had successfully installed chefwizard a few days ago, however my system froze and I had to uninstall Kodi and try to re-install. This is where my problem occurs Kodi is installed on firestick, however when I go install the Diggz Xenon plus I get a chefwizard error. I’m at a stand still. Help!!! Anyone…


I find kodi bulds tend to be more of a resource hogg.

Maybe try cleaning up kodi and using just video add one? It may help with performance.

Just a couple of things while I have the time to think of the situation … I put my Xenon build over a Kodi 19.1 version. I know that some people may use the 19.0 version. The other solution would be to try a Kodi fork … it may suit your Firestick better … I’m using a generic Android box.

Ok, thank you. Will try.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

i run it on troys 19 fork with zero issues ie i run the real debrid verison

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