Xanax status active or not

Anyone still using xanax and if so what is your experience. It is my understanding that they are not taking new subscribers.

Hello @fisher1togo you can no longer install the Xanax Build but if you already have it installed, it should still work.

Thank you that was my experience. I removed xanax because I was concerned that it might not be supported going forward. One of my all time favorites.

Hi, how do you remove Xanax? Mine is not working and I want to get a newer build, can I do that?

Hello @mombosious It depends on how you installed it. If you have something called “The Fix” then you installed the APK and you will want to uninstall that app. If you installed the build manually through Kodi, I would just suggest uninstalling Kodi, reinstall Kodi, then install your build. You can also go into Settings / Apps / Kodi / Clear Data and that will reset everything back to factory default settings.