Xanax Is the Bomb!

I only use Kodi and I’m using Xanax as my exclusive build and No-Limits as my secondary build. Xanax as updated twice in the last two weeks and performs flawlessly. These developers are, for now, on it! They don’t let their builds get outdated. Additionally I use the Nvidia Shield and i have never had a problem with streaming, of course I have RD. Why people are having problems is beyond me.

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Why people have problems? Boy, that’s the million dollar question! There are so many variables when streaming. The servers may overloaded, your download speed may not be adequate, your ISP may be causing problems or even throttling you, your router, modem, or box could be having issues, a setting may be wrong somewhere, using a different player, may be necessary, your VPN could be acting up, and the list goes on. And that’s not even bringing Kodi into the mix!!!

Things can get really weird, though. For example, I had problems with both of my Shields, streaming IPTV. Even called tech support at nVidia and Express VPN, but neither could figure out why my Shield would freeze after a short time, streaming. Well now, all of a sudden, they’re both doing a lot better!! Not perfect, but a heck of a lot better than before. Don’t ask me why, because I really didn’t do anything in the way of changing settings! Go figure!

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MaverickCoast, you are totally correct, I guess my experience has been different. Additionally I have google Fiber and I get exceptional speed. Even if they throttled me I would still get 400+mbs which is more than enough for any type of streaming!!

Wow!!! Sounds like speed will never be a problem for you. I think that I average around 200, so that’s why I’m perplexed as to why my Shields were locking up when I stream. Great to hear you’re having good luck on your setup!

The other thing I did is when I got the shield I set it up using this video by this developer Lee Aaron:

Following his instructions has helped me a great deal as the Shield is not necessarily user friendly. He is responsible for the Titanium build, but obviously you can put whatever build you want on it.


Yeah I agree, Xanax is by far the best Kodi build I’ve used. Unfortunately I accidently wiped it out on one of my 4K firesticks and had to install the Diggz’s build, which works nicely but takes up way too much storage space and causes certain problems. I which future updates rectify this.