Xanax buffering problems :/

So I’ve never had a problem with bad buffering on Xanax until I played with the IPVanish speed lesson. After that I’ve not been able to watch anything.

I have reset the IPVanish to the old settings. Completely refreshed my Modem “Unplugged for 3 hrs” and have adjusted the settings in Xanax for buffering. Nothing works.

I even turned off IPVanish to see if that would make a difference but it doesn’t at all

Very frustrating.

@cghonorguard I don’t think this has anything to do with the VPN. Do you use Real-Debrid? As I always state, I wouldn’t ever bother with the free links. They are overloaded and seldom play buffer free.

I do have RD. I reset my fire cube and reloaded everything. Xanax doesn’t even work at all anymore. Not sure the reason.