X88 pro crashing with green bar

I have an x88 pro with 4 gigs of ram 64 of storage.
I am using ATV launcher .

I try to keep cache to minimum.

When trying to move folders , after get the X up and moving the folder a couple of spots , system takes me back to many screen , as if I never tried to move folder .

Looking 4 suggestions and advice .


Interesting, I haven’t had to many issues with that, but my box does crash sometimes.

I have a x88pro I got cheap for my son in the living room.

I haven’t explored atv launchers but I may now this has come up.

This box btw gets super hot. It does not cool well at all, keep that in mind.

I am tempted to go back to the launcher that comes with the x 88.

U R this unit is always hot to touch.

Got it cheap while we decide if this will serve my interests in mancave .


That’s what I use and works fine.

The heat buildup could be a part of the problem. I’d suggest putting a cooling fan with usb power connect under it to cool it. I put one under my Magicsee N5 plus, which has a small heat sink, and it lowers the temperature inside by 10 to 20 degrees.


I know that it is. It’s only used for my 2 year old for shows on stube.

Don’t get to hot that way. But I have those laptop cooling fans it sits on aha.

You might try TV Launcher 3 and see how this works instead of the ATV Launcher. It is simple and customizable for those who like a simpler Home Screen.


Thanks for the tip sir, it’s for my son’s, but when I get my new box after Christmas I’m going to test them out more.

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Will do that .
It might just be the launcher as when I get into KODI or IPTV the box does not crash

Thks for your reply

Thank U 4 that.
Changed as suggested and the crashing stopped.
Not as pretty but functional.

Do I need a new topic if I have question about setting wallpaper in this launcher ?

Thks again


It’s fine. It’s related. Ask away.

I changed the launcher as suggested by sim-bill .

With atv launcher it was easy to changed background wallpapers .
This launcher not so .

Anyone got tips on how to get nice wallpapers rather than black backgrounds ?


Yes. You can add a wallpaper, even a live wallpaper background to this launcher. 1) Click on the 3 line icon on top left corner of the Home Screen. 2) click on settings. 3) Go to Application Wallpaper and turn it off. 4) Google Playstore has a bunch of regular and live wallpaper apps you can download. I like their 3d Aquarium and Vortex/Shadow Galaxy live wallpapers but it is all a matter of your personal preference. Hope this helps.

Ok. Got it figured out.

All good

I got a background up now .

Will checkout your instructions.



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