X 96 box replacement?

Hello Troypoint community! Thanks to Troy I’ve been a cord cutter for quite a while now. Our X 96 box is six years old now. I’ve rebuilt it so many times I don’t think there’s anything else I can do because the highest download speed I can get is 20 Mb and upload is 17 Mb. That’s with using the super charge IP vanish guide and the Analiti app. I am looking for suggestions on a new device? I’ve heard some some horror stories about the Amazon fire stick recently. Is that still one that is highly recommended or is there another one that would be better to purchase? Thanks for any feedback. I’m sure I will have to look into the guide on how to set it up.


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I would recommend using the search feature as they all recommend the nvidia pro.

Buzztv 4900
Fourmler z10pro

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This is a difficult question to answer at the moment. Seems updates for many different devices have been a problem for the majority of streamers. With Nvidias update problems and Amazon deciding how we should or shouldn’t use our devices we buy from them, many are leaning towards devices which allow more user control to personlize their device as they see fit. So on that note Ugoos seems to be the latest cherished device. Android TV may be the way to go. For now I don’t think anyone can give a clear answer until the dust settles. In short I would wait for a month or two and then see where things stand.


Thank you! I will research those

Thank you. This is what I thought currently so I think will just have to deal with it for a little bit longer. Thank you so much for your reply


Any android os device will be fine for your use.

For movies and shows:


Any newly update android box can handle those. Remeber to look at your budget. What can you spend right now will really determine what you get. Id recommend getting a little more expensive box to get better stability. Even with these updates and bugs most till work fine.

Right now the firstick doesnt let you use custom launchers. Nvidia just has little bugs but still works fine for what you need.


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