Working Kodi builds

Kodi builds I had installed dropped off line, I tried another and it wouldn’t load, just a blank screen. Are there any that still work?

My fav is the doomzday sports 101. Its very small in size a fast and it keeps updated. Dont be fooled by the sports 101. Its loaded with movies etc.

Thanks I will try it tomorrow.t

Instead of a build, why not just install the individual addons that you want? I used to have to install new builds all the time because of the usual problem of them going down and not being updated. I recently started with just individual addons and I will not go back to a build. I installed The Crew, Oath, Venom, and Marauder. Now I control updating and keeping up with them, which honestly, is fairly easy. Just my two cents worth.

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Can you elaborate on how this is done? I want to to the same… I red a post on here on how to do this, but I cant find it now…

Hey Jags,
Thanks for the reply and question. You install individual addons the same way you install a build. It just takes a lot less time. Google “Best Kodi Addons” and click the link from TroyPoint. He lists the best Kodi addons and screen shots for how to install each one. That would take a lot less time then me explaining how to do it in this reply. I was actually surprised how easy it was and how little time it takes. Hope this helps.

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