Working addons for kodi 19.3 on xbox one s

Does anyone know of working addons for Kodi 19.3 for Xbox One S

I would think any addons for Kodi 19.3 should work. The Crew, Oath, Marauder, Venom, Seren, to name a few. Just make sure to install the correct version for Kodi 19.3. There are plenty of threads already here on the very subject. Just do a search for addons compatible with Kodi 19.3.

yes I have and all those addons you mentioned wont work but I have found a workaround that I can use until they upgrade to 19.4 or so I read, haven’t used it yet but perhaps tonight.

thanks for the awesome information.

no problem it is called kodi 19.3 workaround on reddit

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