Wolfpack conflict with Crew

Wolfpack has just updated and now won’t put any streams on for movies or TV shows, I’ve got 3 firesticks and one on Windows 11 and they’re all the same,

The link it says" We don’t share any third party Thieves like the Crew" and then it uninstalls itself.
Frankenstein , Endzone does the same too.

Anyone else having this problem?

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Not surprised.
Wolfpack is a really good addon, but the guy who maintains it has some sort of animosity toward dude that handle the Crew.

AFA that goes, he holds a grudge against Troypoint, too.

He seems to be a strange, prickly guy.

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It’s anything in the Midian repo which is Wolfpack, Frankenstein, Endzone etc all uninstall themselves.

Midian is the prickly dude’s repo, so I’m not surprised.

The only way to put Wolfpack on is to uninstall the CREW, and clear the cache in Kodi.

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