Wolf Launcher & Troypoint Toolbox just disappeared with Amazon Update

I guess Amazon just updated my device and now my Wolf Launcher will not work plus I notice that my Troypoint Toolbox is missing. Does anyone have a workaround? Needless, to say I’m pissed.


I’m not sure why the Toolbox disappeared, but just go to Downloader or a browser and save the URL as a bookmark. Has it been a while since you allowed the Amazon updates? FireTV takes Launch on Boot to run any launcher now, I’m not sure if you had it set up that way.

If it has been a while since you allowed the updates on the FireTV like I know some people do, one major update in particular blocked Launcher Manager from working and won’t allow disabling Amazon junk ads.

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Downloader is disabled also. It’s also saying that I have to be logged in to access the Amazon App Store but it will not allow me to log in. I even tried having Amazon call me to no avail.


Oh…well that doesn’t sound good. The update sounds like it didn’t fully take or something. Are you able to uninstall/reinstall the apps that aren’t working? Hopefully you won’t have to factory reset, but sometimes that is the best way.

Amazon may want to replace it under warranty. Which is the best to get right now? Nvidia, Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen? Thanks Guys!

Depends on what operating system you prefer. If you want to switch to Android TV, Shield Pro is the best. If you want to stay with FireTV, Cube seems really good. Stock Android, Z11 Pro Max is likely top dog.

There are some other odd things happening. On background processes, there is a message indicating your verion is 1.302A6i. Today’s date is January 22, 2023
You’re seeing this message because your device time is incorrect.
If the device time is correct, it seems we have forgotten about the app.
Please remind us to update the app via our telegram channel … and on and on.

There is video and an update app box. Very odd. This is both my 4k and my 4kMax blocked with Wolf.

Going to delete this here and start a new topic as it seems you can’t dl this app right now and the version showing in the app store is what I just said when I look in it with my pc.

That’s the wrong version number for the Max. You want 1.302G6i
I forget where I got it. APKPure I believe.

I had started another topic last night because I knew this would be an issue for all Fire Stick owners. There is an update in the Amazon store today and it works fine.


Tx. Wizzard. I replaced mine a couple of days back when I noticed glitches. Good that the store has it.

Troy does an excellent job at reviewing all things for streaming. Maybe it’s time to do a review on Amazon’s Firesticks and compare them to other brands. The updated review on VPN Services moved #1 IPVanish to #2.

I think Troy does a great job of giving us the factual information about the devices. The problem with comparing streaming boxes and sticks, is that there is not one universal agreed upon criteria to judge what is better or worse. Each cord cutter has his/her own preference depending on what they do with them and how they stream. Troy’s videos are my favorite. He does such a great job not putting too much opinion in it and just gives us neutral reviews and facts.

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TNX for the comments.

Gentlemen, I just got a Shield TV Pro and I have 4 questions for you if you feel so inclined. It would be greatly appreciated.

#1 I take it SD Maid Pro does not work with this device, what do you highly recommend?

#2 It appears that my remote mouse is way too quick to work with Downloader, what mouse do you suggest using?

#3 Which App Store is best to use. When I sign into the Google Play Store every App I try to get such as ( Tech Doctor UK Cache Cleaner, Firefox and SD Maid Pro) I got a message that none of these work with my new device.

#4 Last, but not least, where do I locate “App from Unknown Sources”? Thank You all in advance.

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