Wolf Launcher stuck

Installing 2nd Walmart 4k streaming box with troypoint tutorial. First went smooth, but 2nd one is stuck on Wolf Launcher. Home and back buttons don’t work, can scroll but nothing happens when clicking on an app using mouse or toggle. Turned off, but still in stuck Wolf Launcher screen when turning back on. Any ideas what to do? Thank you!

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You could try unplugging the power for 10 minutes and plugging back in. Good luck

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Thanks, that worked. I disabled Wolf Launcher so won’t have future issues with it.

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Still so confused why this new Onn is having issues with LM and Wolf. I have tried to recreate the issues I hear in here, but can’t get it to mess up. Is this the box or something else causing these?

I’ll tell what. Something really wonky is going on with the net, IP, devices, and or apps. Too many people having weird issues in the last couple of weeks and seems all with a plethora of different setups.

I first thought it was the Smart Tube app, but on my main device the issue vanished like a thief in the night. Then I thought that SS was the cause, but now am not certain because it seems to be working again and I really did nothing. Thought it was some setting in my device, but it to corrected itself, but then came back. The issues I am experiencing seemed to have migrated from one device to another and at different times. Now I am back to thinking it is the Smart Tube app because that is freaking out on my secondary setup, but not as bad as when it happened on my main unit.

What is frustrating is that the issues come and go for no apparent reason.

It’s possible that it could the OS version causing random stability anomalies. Android 12 wasn’t common on many Android TV boxes from varying brands, so some of the apps weren’t optimized for it, but likely OS11 or OS10.

Over time, updates to the apps may smooth things out a bit.


I agree, I thought maybe that could be one of the issues. But I haven’t run into any issues at all, so I’m not sure why my Onn box is any different than the others. What other boxes at the moment run on Android 12 (AndroidTV)?

Have you tried using WLM to set WL as default, then enabling (or leaving enabled) USB Debugging and rebooting to recreate problem? I know my problem cleared when disabling USB Debugging.

Quite a few of the generic overseas boxes supposedly use official OS12 releases, like the T95Z boxes. Some claim to run OS13.

Aside from those, most better known names are still running OS9-OS11. My shield pro runs TV11. Mi Box is still on OS9.

Not sure why one Onn box would be more stable than others with similar apps. The variable could always rest with conflicts with other software (versions) and variances in device settings.