Wolf launcher not centered firestick 4kmax

I just downloaded wolf launcher on firestick 4kmax but display not centered. Is there any way to get it up from the bottom of screen?

Can you attach a picture to your post so we can see what it looks like?

Okay so it’s centered (left/right) but you want the apps to start at the top? I believe what you are looking at now is reserved space for a widget. Can you move the cursor over the blank space and see a shadow outline of a box? Try long pressing the select button and see if you can delete it. Or go into Wolf Launcher settings and turn widgets off. I know there’s a section in there but I’m not home right now to look at mine and tell you the exact steps.

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Ok. My firestick 4k had no problems. Apps were all at top

Bingo it was widget. Ur the man. Ty so much

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