Wolf Launcher Issues


I wonder if someone can give me the contact details of the developer of the Wolf Launcher.

I have done the usual Google searches, but cannot find anything.

Many thanks.

What issues are you having that you need to contact the developer for?

I have two apks that constantly vanish from my screen and need reinstalling.

When I check my settings/apps, they are not shown either. But when I open ES explorer/apps, they are shown, but will not install.

So, reinstall is the only option. I did have Nova launcher before using Wolf. But, unfortunately the two apps were not downloaded when I had Nova launcher.

My neighbour also installed Wolf and the two apks in question, and has exactly the same issue. So, I was wondering if the Launcher was the issue. But all other apps I have never have this issue.

I have written to the developer of the apks and await an answer.

The apks in question are TV mob (android) and also TV mob firestick.

I suppose on option is to revert to the OEM standard launcher and test it. Or, is it possible installing both versions of the apks are conflicting with each other?

And, I am using an Android OS stb and t both versions work, but in a slightly different way.

Might not be Wolf Launcher at all if you did a recent OS update. I specifically remember seeing an article about those apps and people trying to shut them down. Amazon may have found a way to hide them even when using a custom launcher. Did you download sideload launcher and use that inside of Wolf Launcher to see if that works?


My suggestion is to revert back to the stock launcher, install the apps, then go back to your custom launcher and enable it. The apps should then appear on your home screen.


@Jayhawks659 Many thanks for the insight. Apologies for the delay in replying. Our time zones are day and night😀

I actually downloaded the apps direct from their website.

I will keep an eye on them. And see what happens. And if it continues, I will try sideloading them.

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@Miki Apologies for delay in replying. We are in different time zones.

@admin, if you are reading this, please note, that despite checking this post as " watched" , I am not receiving notifications of replies.

@miki Many thanks for that pointer. I will keep an eye on it. And if it persists, I will try both options, of original launcher and downloaded installation.


Pmed, I fixed the issue.


Many thanks for fixing it. :pray:

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@Miki and @Jayhawks659

Sideloaded from original launcher. Back to Wolf launcher. Immediately received notification from Play store to uninstall harmful apps.

Turned off play store protect…so far apks still there.



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