Wireguard VPN Router and Prime

I watched the video on how to setup the router and it was great. My question is will Prime and Netflix work on a Firestick connected to a VPN router? I know they do not work when I use a VPN app like IPVanish.

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You can use them with IPVanish. As Prime is a pay for source you really don’t need a VPN and can use Split Tunneling to bypass a vpn.

I understand using split tunneling with the app on the Firestick. Can split tunneling also be setup on the VPN router?

I’m no expert with routers Dracoo is more of a router expert than me, hopefully he will chime in. From my reading it connects to your IPVanish account, but I can’t find anywhere where it says it will use your IPV setup, just your account. I did find a reference to split tunneling and it stated that this was rarely used and presently not supported, although they’re looking into it, and this was stated pre IPV integration.


You can install a vpn on the router but accessing it to split tunnel is more difficult then app access or devices access, you would need to login into the router on a device and configure it. Which also means going into your routers login. Depends on the vpn you use and router. Id recommend some youtube vids on it.


Thank you for referral to the videos

Prime doesn’t work with either IPvanish or Surfshark, for me. I have to turn off the VPN to get Prime.

Yes because prime recognizes vpns and has many of their ip addresses and blocks them. As Prime is a paid legitimate service you do not need a VPN to access it. That being said, there are VPNs that you can use to access prime, if you so choose, such as Proton and Nord to name 2.

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