Wire guard connection problems

Anyone else having problems with the wire guard protocol on IP vanish?several different times in the last month I have gotten a message saying they cannot connect to server the other two protocols work just fine thanks for any help

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I would take a look here: Supercharge guide for vanish

Also a wireguard guide too

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I’ve had similar issues. What has worked for me is to change the protocol, test the download speeds. Then I go back to wireguard and the speed usually gets way better. It’s only happening once or twice a week. Hope that helps.


IKEV2 does not connect on any of my devices. Wireguard only gives me 50% the speed as OpenVPN (TCP). I think it might be the ISP provider. I use Optimum. I contacted ipvanish but have no resolution yet. IKEV2 does not even connect on my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone using 4G.

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Hello @Boligee I would suggest uninstalling your current IPVanish app and reinstall then try again. Just to ensure you have the latest version as they have made a lot of updates lately. It’s also important to note that some protocols might not work properly with your Internet provider. As @Therealsock and @Money mentioned, test out each protocol until you dial in your best speeds. For me, the best is OpenVPN (TCP) and I’m getting 130 Mbps - 150 download on Fire TV Stick 4K Max.