Why wont Pluto load on android boxes?

Pluto loaded fine on old boxes and firesticks but if you try a new android box it will say this program incompatable! Thats from the play store the unlinked had a version that worked but they took it off! Where can I find an apk that will work?

Have you tried this one? …no promises tho

Pluto TV for Android - APK Download

Do you have Play Protect turned on?

There is another option. You could load the Pluto m3u in TiViMate or the IPTV player of your choice.

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Pluto for your IPTV players. Playlist and EPG.


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have tried it with play protect on or off doesnt matter still says this program uncompatable go to the play store to download Which is where I got it to begin with

Hey @witw What kind of android box are you using that’s being so finicky? Pluto is about as mainstream as you can get…try the ad free version in Unlinked Store 96960000…

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