Why do they need credit card info?

I have tried several of the “free” sports streaming sites, and wonder why they always seem to want your credit card number when they say they are free. Seems like a scam. One site I tried was listed as free, and like a dope, did enter my number. About 2 minutes later I received a notice from my credit card asking if i made this $25. purchase, so I bailed on this “free” site. Anybody with any ideas when signing on to a “free” site ?

A good IPTV provider gets rid of all those issues. Look up Troypoint’s guide on how to sign up and pay for IPTV anonymously. You can find some as cheap as $10/month. No more time wasted searching for low quality free streams riddled with advertisements.

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None of the ones I use have ever asked for a credit card. I was just watching the Superbike racing in Argentina, although I had to connect to a Belgium VPN server to get the Argentina feed, lol. There are little tricks you learn like not falling for the HD feed scam, which always wants you to “sign up”. Watching Golf at the moment. Unfortunately all sorts of “free” sport sites have closed down their live feeds. Most of the good feeds like sportsbay and ronaldo7 and even livenettv since amazon took it over have disappeared. I have about 6 left out of the 14 I had.

Sup krash…

Dont get discouraged,
i’ve tried 50+ poviders & have never gave out a card…
Do ppal or a pp card & try to take suggestions from here or TP or iptvwire

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