Where to set up surfshark

My modem connects a Microsoft desktop computer, hard wires an android tv and provides wifi for another tv and 2 iPhones and 2 ipads

Personally I would set each up with it’s own app/program although I know it can be setup on some modems. You will leave the house and your wifi with your phones. If you need a VPN then you will lose it once you travel away. Not sure if you’re running anything on your TV that requires a VPN, if not, no reason. It would have to have apps streaming things that need to be encrypted. Just my thoughts.

I travel daily away from home and I never lose my VPN. It works on my Data as well as on all the free networks I’ve logged into here over the years, and I know I’m protected. I never use any device without an active VPN.

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Hi Wizard, My main concern is probably the tv as I run Kodi and do a lot of streaming so maybe I will just run the vpn on the tv.
Any other thoughts
Thanks for your reply. Laurie

To mirror what has already been said, any device that accesses the internet will need a Surfshark app. If you had a router in your setup that was capable of loading the VPN onto it, you could route everything through that. But yea, I would install the app on each device, and if you prefer there are free dots to use in Troy’s Toolbox for a little more peace of mind.

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If it will run on your TV absolutely install it as your streaming is being monitored. VPN always.

SS has an indicator icon that shows on Tablets and phones. It will also show on your laptop’s browser if you added SS as an addon extension.

The only place an icon does not is on my Nvidias and that is the ONE device I really want it to show.

If SS follows IPV’s lead and adds that feature to my streamers. Then I won’t have any need for any of those 3 apps (Safety, Monitor, or Privacy Dots).

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