Where do I find the Real-Debrid files?

I hope that I listed this in the correct category.

A question was asked about this back in October but the topic was closed before I could ask my question.

“When selecting a RDlink to play I often get this Message: Resolve URL Real-Debrid Transfer, Saving to a Real-Brid Cloud, Downloading from Peers etc. but nothing ever plays. I don’t understand how this works. Can anyone enlighten me?”

and one of the replies was…

“Its saving to ur real debrid account. If you go to ur account (RD), look under downloads, u’ll see them. But yeah, try a different link…”

Where would I find these files?

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Just follow this and you won’t have that problem

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Thank you Jayhawks659!

I usually get an email when someone replies to a thread that I am involved with. But not this time for some reason.

I will check out the video, today, once I get all my chores done.

Overall I feel that I’ve got everything set up on Kodi to work optimally. At least I’ve been thrill with most all the aspects of it. the BIG THING was getting Real-Debrid which was a game-changer. I really like discovering older movies that were missed out on when they were released or they were out of the mainstream. And a lot of times the only option is allowing torrents, that are not cached, as many will start right away anyway. I feel that turning the torrents option to “off” means that you may not get any links at all.

Thank you so much for your reply!

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Dang! It appears that I missed the boat. That youtube!

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