Where can I get a copy of Cleanmaster

I have 2 Amazon Fire TV devices both of which have the really useful Clean Master app. This is a great little app and I use it a lot. I bought a new 4K firestick and I cannot find the same version of this app to download. There are versions on the Amazon Store but not the straightforward little app I use on the Fire TVs. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the app or is it possible to transfer the app from my Fire tv to the 4K Firestick?

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Clink here : How to speed up and clean your firestick quick and easy (Clean Master) - YouTube for looking for Cleanmaster. Hope it help you. Good luck

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I don’t have a 4k firestick but I found a handy way to move apps. I found this on youtube awhile back and forget who authored it so I am not taking credit. This requires you to use ES Explorer, which can be found using the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer

  1. Open up ES explorer on one of your firesticks
  2. Click Library on the left of the screen
  3. Scroll down and click APP
  4. Highlight the App you want using the select button hold down until you get a check mark.
  5. At the bottom click on the Backup option, your selected option will be saved to ( sdcard/backup/apps)
  6. On the left menu side scroll up to local click once
  7. Scroll down to the second Home option and click, you will see a folder called backups with a es logo on it, click the folder. You will see another folder called apps this is where your apps that you backed up in step 5 went.
  8. Follow step 4 Highlight and click
  9. Go to bottom and either pick the copy option or the cut option
  10. Now go to the Network menu option on the left and click Network.
  11. Scrol to Cloud Drive and click, If you have not setup up a cloud drive click new on the top corner of the right side. You will see option to setup different cloud drives ( Googledrive(Gdrive), OneDrive…) once done you will see a folder with your drive name click the folder
  12. Paste in the app from step 9.
  13. On the other firestick open ESExplorer go.to step 10, click Cloud drive. click your folder, click on the app from the previous firestick and install.

It seems like a lot of steps but it goes really quick. I have moved apps from firesticks to firestick and fire tablets and I have taken apps installed on my phone from the Google play store and installed on Firesticks and tablets.

Hope this helped.


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@helmutjs, followed that video you linked to but the Cleanmaster was not in that guys tools. Had other stuff but no Cleanmaster.

if you already have Clean Master on your other Fire Sticks Follow my post of two days ago to copy Clean Master from one of your otherFire Sticks.


Unfortunately I do not have it on any of my fire devices. had seen d.mccall’s post about it and thought I’d add it. Oh well.

if you have an android phone you can look in the google play store I ave seen it there.

Darn, iPhone only. I guess I’ll just have to make do with clearing cache individually. Thanks anyway.

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Since Troypoint doesn’t have this app, I suggest downloading the filelinked app url https://www.filelinked.com off your es file explorer. Open the app after installation and type in the numeric code for Electrical MD (85810914) You can find the apk for Cleanmaster here and download it.

Thanks sim_bill. I tried that and the app was installed but when I click on the icon to run it, it starts for about 1 second then closes. This is exactly what happened when I tried to move the app from an existing Fire TV as suggested by sng.enterprise. Very frustrating. Thank you so much for offering to help. Back to the drawing board!!

Hmmm. One other thing to check is to make sure the filelinked app has security permissions enabled as an unknown source on your device settings. If that doesn’t worked, I’m stumped.

No workie on Firestick4K. Trust me I know. It does work tho on my 2nd generation fireTV.

You can find the Clean Master app on Aptoid. Aptoid is like Play Store and has many apps for FireTV, Android etc.