What's Wrong With Syncler?

I had installed Syncler before, and it said it was free with the s+ code, until whenever, hadn’t used my box for a while, came back and said it’s expired or something. I went to their website because I wanted to buy premium, but when I try, it says it’s free until another different time line, and to enter s+ again. It won’t work, and it is updated to latest version, so it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Can someone please explain or help with this?

Hello @olsaaronc S+ is still working on my end but they did change their scraper links which I’ve updated on our page here - How To Install & Use Syncler on Firestick and Android TV Box

Thanks! There were some changes apparently, since I last had a chance to use it. There used to be a code entry, now appears that you just enter that code into the username spot.


Hi Troy,

Is there a cleaning app that clears out the cache of all installed apps on the Fire Stick with extended memory per your tutorial? Thank you for your sage assistance.

Hello @Anonymous this is how I do that - Speed Up Your Firestick & Fire TV With These 4 Simple Tips - YouTube I don’t know of an app that will do everything without going into the settings of each app unfortunately.

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Thanks so much, Troy, really appreciate it.

Hi Troy,

One last question, When using Syncler is it true that you don’t need to use a VPN provided you are only using Real Debrid links? Thanks for your sage direction, much appreciated!

One, I don’t really understand why someone pirated my thread with unrelated questions, and to Troy, not that I don’t mind free stuff, I just want to get a sub, so I don’t have to worry about it. First it said till the end of the month, now it says the s+ works till December 6th.

Sorry about that olsaaronc. I didn’t know how to post a new thread. Please accept my apologies.

Even with the newly posted links on the Syncler page, all I get is failed to load.

I used Syncler Setup on YouTube and it worked like a charm. Troy’s link wouldn’t load for me either.

Hello @olsaaronc I think they keep kicking the can down the road on their premium service as they aren’t setup yet for it.

Hello @Anonymous and @olsaaronc I just went through setup process again after I saw your posts and the following link outlined on our tutorial is working fine on my device - https://bit.ly/syncsquizz

Thanks times 2, to ya both. I redid everything, and if you use all 3 links, just hitting return for a new line, you can use all 3 for the express, I believe it was. I read slowly, and it says, “one per line”, not that you are only allowed one link. I never read all of any directions, lol, but after doing that, I search for a show, and got 843 links. Luv my fellow cord cutters!

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@olsaaronc thanks for the update. Have an awesome weekend!!

You too, Troy, and everyone else!

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Thanks, Troy for your sage advice on VPN’s while using RB with Syncler. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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