What's the best universal app?

I’ve been messing with Android boxes and have tried a lot of the custom made apps, but which app is best for generic stuff? I’ve been trying Smarters Pro, and seems okay, is sometimes laggy, but works overall.
I don’t know how to load the “big list” in it though. How do you use that link in Smarters?

Hey biff… & welcome to the insider

Not sure what generic stuff means, usually ppl need apks for either movies & shows or Live tv

As for the best url player like Smartrs…
Its Tivimate & its not even close… so much customizing & eaze of use.
You hv to spring for the premium vers, cuz the free vers is just as limited as smartrs

& heres a big list shortcut, (has epg included) in Smarters or Tivimate… entr it as an m3u playlist: 62k chnnls, it takes awhile to process


hth & enjoy…

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That’s exactly what I meant. For URL players like Smartrs.
I’ve only had experience with that one and similar. I’ll definitely check out Tivimate, thanks.
and super thanks for the big list shortcut. Was I missing something to do for that myself? Or is it just a different link format? Is it special for Smarters/Tivimate? What is the m3u8 link used for?

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Just tried Tivimate, it’s got some pros and cons to the interface, but I realized that the real issue I’m having is the service I have seems to be crashing Smarters constantly. Tivimate seems to work fine with it so far. There are some things I like about Smarters, so is there another one that is more similar to Smarters that I should try?

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Tivimate perimum is your best bet! Especially on a generic box

If your service is crashing Smarters, I’d reconsider another ‘service’.

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Hey biff…

YW & no its a shrtcut TxRon made for that url & it should work on any plyr…

& U mustve only tried the free Tivimate, cuz it does Everything u could imagine, color, font, 4 diffrnt tvguides, multi plylsts, copy-move-hide chnnls & groups, change remote buttns, bck-up to save evrything (& tons more)
U basically make yor own “cable” system (only c what u want)

But u can try XCIPTV plyr (its bettr looking than smartr) & others, most are in TP or the Unlinked app

& i agree wth KingP, that it shouldnt lag or buff if yor systems up to par

hth… c-ya

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Hmmm. It’s very strange. It’s only on the Live channels that it’s acting very laggy and crashes out on Smartrs. I’ve tried both Lite and Pro versions of Smartrs, doesn’t matter. I have only tried Tivimate free so far, and the same service seemed fine in the live mode.
I’ll try the XCIPTV playr first, and see if it has the same issues or not. I’m really trying to figure out if I have the right service.

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