What's the best streaming device?

I’ve had a Roku Express for about 6 months I guess, now it won’t connect to the internet/wifi. Roku has so many products, plus there are so many other streaming devices out there. So, I have a KM3 that I love, but also bought the Roku express to use. Is Roku better than let’s say NVidia or a Firestick? I tried the Firestick, but didn’t like it that much, not a whole lot of storage, that/s why I changed to the KM3. I confused, so sorry.

Even with Nvidia’s recent Android 11 update fiasco. It by far still better than any Roku, imho.

Although, I am starting to research other devices and this Ugoo am6 B (or whatever it’s called) came in 2nd only to Nvidia on benchmarks. So, that may be something to look at?


Roku is a great product if you like their closed eco system. Example it works well with things like slingtv, hulu, youtubetv and fubotv. I have one ultra box that I like to use with my tablo and watching locals. They are well built but no tinkering allowed(for the most part). With iptv you are much better going with android tv box and there are hundreds if not thousands to choose from. I have a mecool km2 that works very well I just hate that 100mb eth port but thats just me because it works well. Firesticks are all the rage due to jail breaking but personally I see a “clamp down” in the future for amazon products because like google they want control. So pick wisely and Troys has tons of reviews to check out.



I wouldn’t say there is a best, but there is good ones. Try to search the fourms as there is alot of answer’s for this.

I will at something funnel these questions into a device topic and have a list up just hadn’t got to it yet.

Buzz 4900
Fourmler z10 pro max
4k max
Ugoos am7 ut8 am6 b plus
Nvidia pro