What's my ip? apk

looking for a ‘what’s my ip address’ app. google want’s a sign in.
def squid has one but there is a data collecting notice that wants a data collection
accept. the buttons don’t work so i can’t sign it or get rid of it.
aptoide? other suggestions?

What device are you using? They all should have a networks settings area that will display your IP Address. On the 4k Max there are a couple of areas to see your address.

ip address is no problem. it displays in vpn. i use ‘what’s my ip’ as a free backup to see if they are where they say they are. eg dallas servers often are shown as manassas,va.
it also verifies that vpn is actually working properly. i have .com site on my mac desktop and app on ios8 home screen as well. they work great. on fs3 i can get ‘what’s my ip.com’ on amazon silk. not as convenient as an apk would be. they also have a bunch of useful tools.
def squid was fine until they obscured the page with a large pop up. to use def squid
they wan’t a google sign in and access to all your info. no thank you.
none of this is a game changer. i just like to learn.
thank you, miki. you have helped me before. and thank you troy. without you guys i don’t think i’d be getting such good advice.

Ahh I misunderstood. I thought you just wanted your device IP, not to test. have a look at https://ipleak.net/
or My IP Address, DNS Leak Test, WebRTC Leak Test, IPv6 Leak Test, HTTP Headers, IP Whois - BrowserLeaks

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The one I use is very nice and free for android use and displays as a widget. If not set up you might need to do a little debugging to get it permissions.

IP Widget - Apps on Google Play

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all those links point to the same page, however it’s exactly what i wanted!
works for mac also.
thank you all,

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Wow, thats alot of info!

You’d be amazed at the info advanced users want and need.


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