What is the future of Android TV Boxes?

Over several years, I have been [casually] using various Android TV boxes to stream content either from APKs that I side-load or from USB sticks/drives.

Except for one streaming device, the premium EVPAD from Asia, all the Android Boxes that I purchased online from retailers like Gearbest despite having decent chipsets haven’t worked well. This box just simply works, but it’s dated and running Android 4.4 with 1GB or RAM/16GB of storage.

Some of the issues I have experienced are performance issues where the navigation experience is sluggish and not fluid. Boxes that get warm to very warm (hot) and they lock-up. Wi-Fi connectivity starts having issues like not running at the “usual” speeds unless connected to an RJ45 ethernet cable. Bluetooth connectivity just stops and the box either needs to restarted or bluetooth needs to be unpaired and paired.

The other concerns I have had is most Android TV boxes have increased in prices and the chipsets haven’t been upgraded either. The (now) lower priced models have a meagre 2GB or 3GB or RAM and 16GB to 32GB or storage. Many boxes max out with their Wi-Fi chips for ethernet speed at 100Mbps and only few go to 1000M (1G Mbps). The other is some boxes like my EVPAD only display content to 720P and not any higher when I play media from my USB despite the source (tv) can play at 1080p or higher.

Kodi seems to run quite slugglishly on every Android box I have used. Even when the Android box version like Alfawise H96 Pro was 7 with 3GB of RAM running 17.6. I noticed the same sluggish experience with Kodi when I use it on a powerful desktop laptop. However, I have been told that most people aren’t like me and wouldn’t notice the same performancce nuances. However, I do not experience performance issues with apps (except for Kodi) on my powerful Samsung Galaxy 7 tablet.

Perhaps I’m a bit odd, but I prefer to use an Android TV box for many things including a semi-substitute for my Android tablet. For the most part, all the Android boxes I have used are not “perfect”. I mostly use the EVPAD because the navigating experince is the most “fluid” or I connect my laptop to our tv when I want to watch from my USB at higher than 720p. I’d rather not do that.The EVPAD has streaming apks that are [currently] supported.

I heard mixed comments on Amazon Firesticks. Apparently, they are very popular and people say the experience is very fluid despite the low-end specs. Perhaps it’s like an iPhone and iOS? The hardware and software are synergistic? But I have not had any experience with them. I do like their portablity or compactness, but from what I can tell the OS is not typically upgraded and they do not have multople USB/RJ45 ports for keyboard/mouse and ethernet cable.

As such, what is the future of Android tv for users like me?


Just newer and better hardware specs. As things progress boxes become mini computers with an operating system. Like computers what you bought today will be obsolete 6 months from now from a technical standpoint.

Kodi runs sluggish when the box doesn’t meant the resources met or you are running it on lower end boxes. Kodi with one addon maybe 2 is best.

I’m not sure what your entirely asking, but from what I understand to run kodi well would be to tweak it and make it run light with one addon. It won’t run sluggish this way, also using a better performing box would be best.

Just better faster boxes they are just mini pics anyway. Just do some research and buy what suits your budget. Kodi is a resource hogg I’d recommend something with good ram and cpu specs.


Sorry for the long post. I have many concerns. None of which though you have addressed.

In regards to Kodi. Kodi has run poorly on every device I have used. Whether it’s the latest PC with high end specs (RAM, GPU, CPU) etc or a brand new Android Box with the latest specs and latest Kodi version.

In regards to Android boxes (which can run Kodi and you can sideload apps) they seem to be on the decline and very few are being supported with updates or new tech. The few that are, are outrageously priced. Not to have a 1GB Ethernet port and only 100M in 2022 is ridiculous. Many still use RJ45 especially in crowded environments where Wi-Fi is not practical.

Additionally, I have made mention about FS. I’m looking for more input especially since Troy seems to heavily endorse and promote FS along with IP Vanish :wink:


That’s incorrect. I have kodi running just fine on my computer and box. There is only so much you can fit on a small motherboard in that box without overheating. They’re is boxes with 1g capability and able to sideload. I wouldn’t say there Is a decline it all depends on budget. You can run all these apks and apps on a computer anyway.

You need to think of it like a computer. You want 1g ethernet on a android box you will be paying for it. These newer boxes have 1g support. Almost anything with a android operating system or windows can be side loaded. Aside from closed boxes. I disagree with you but we’ll agree it depends on your budget.


You have zero basis to tell me that’s incorrect.

Again, like I wrote. Others don’t see what I do. I’ve been told I am very observant and astute. Your experience is unique to you as is mine. Should others mirror your experience, great. The same is true with anti-vaxxers and covidiots. The like-minded think alike.

When I point out the sluggishness, I see (experience) they understand. In your case, either you are not seeing them or you’ve grown to ignore them.

I know exactly what these Android boxes and computers are and the tech that goes inside them. I have over 40 years experience in computer engineering, including software development. I’m now retired. How about you?

Anyway, please don’t reply unless you have something meaningful and have taken the time to read carefully what I wrote in my initial post. Thank you.


Okay, i wasn’t trying to start a fight. I don’t need to prove my self or experience to you. The comment regarding covid or vaccines wasn’t necessary or prudent to the conversation. That will lead you out of this insider.

I know where I stand and I know what I’m talking about. You could do some research and see, also a video to speed up kodi. All my devices run kodi just fine and I have 10/1000 on all my equipment including box. Your attitude towards this conversation isn’t going to get you anywhere. I’m not challenging you or disrespecting you. Kodi does run fine on most things. Android boxes are capable of gigabytes speeds and better tech once again it’s about budget. They all can play movies and TV shows fine at 1080p that’s the common standard. High tech guys who want more there is options. Don’t make a topic asking about android boxes then denying facts while comparing something completely unrelated.


I agree with TP-Dracco. I know what works for me. I have had several boxes over the years and have hadissues with most of them for one reason or another. The current one I use now Minix U22 and Minix UH9 work well for what I need. The 22 has had problems since it was introduced, just go to the Minix forums and you will see the frustration with it. However my UH9 works very well. I USE to have problems with Kodi. Why? It was because I used builds. They are visually pretty and have so much content. That’s the problem, too much content. Ever since I reduced my Kodi to just one addon, The Crew, it works great! Not sure what the problem with Mee has with taking a little advice instead of criticizing comments. Everyone has different levels of knowledge when it comes to these boxes and it doesn’t neccesarily means your a computer expert. My fist computer was an IBM in 1988. I use to write programs in C++, Alpha 4 and many others. That doesn’t qualify me to tell someone they don’t know what their talking about. Also costs. I don’t think spending a few hundred dollars is a big expenditure, as long as you do your research and listen to people. Lemons are lemons and not always the product of poor design. Believe me my U22 was a dust collector for awhile because I was so disappointed in it. I think Mee needs to take a chill pill and just listen to others and digest what they say instead of tearing them down.



He probably had alot of knowledge and insight and I genuinely enjoy sharing those experiences with people in the goal to learn and discover. Yes kodi runs good and it can run sluggish there is variables to that tho. But thank you, there is so many box options but this is why I said it comes down to budget and what you want out of the box or equipment. Thank you for your share I appreciate it.


All I said was incorrect about kodi because I know it can perform great. The way this was handled and the response I got was unacceptable. However I’m not going to lynch mob anyone here or attack anyone with different experiences. But there is a way to be less combative about how we respond to something we disagree on regardless of experience or knowledge. Let’s try to be constructive about this. Or I will just close the topic. I don’t know what the future of Android boxes are but right now it’s mainly how much you are willing to pay and what you want. Lots of options


TP-Dracoo is essentially correct. There have been numerous upgrades in both hardware, processors and the android operating system since the box you have referenced was produced. 5 years ago I got into streaming by buying a 2gb RAM 8gb memory jailbroken firestick with all its’ inherent limitations. Since then android tv boxes have gotten much better, with much better processors, hardware and upgraded versions of android, (now 9.0 or better.) It would be amazing if running android version 4.4 would be able to stream anything anymore. If still in doubt about the quality of android streaming boxes today, try looking at the current android device reviews on either TV Box Stop or Chigz Reviews websites. Android TV has a market niche and is not going away, especially with more and more people ditching cable and satellite tv for better alternatives.


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