WHAT is eating up my space on FS 4K?

I recently bought a new fs 4K and moved my old one to guest room. Anyhow, all my apps reloaded and I had a ton of space.

All of a sudden, despite clearing cache, using debloater, etc…-I have less n less space each time I look. No, haven’t downloaded any new apps … I’m stumped… could it be kodi 19.3???

Any FB will be appreciated:)

Thx in advance,


I’m little confused if you have tons of space then nothing is eating it up.

What are you referring to?

Hard drive space?
Or ram usage?

To different things but still effect performance of your device.

Certain apps and system apps use ram and some more than others.


Sorry bout that…

My internal space…


I HAD tons of space when got new fs 4K about month ago… NOW? It’s getting eaten down by the day with no new apps installed …:frowning:


Are you sure you are removing everything you don’t need?

5gigs is not alot of space.

Kodi syncler streamio and my tiptv player take up at least 5 and that’s with them cleared.

I would suggest getting a SanDisk thumb drive or any formatted to fat 32 and transfer all apps to that storage and free up space from your internal.

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Hi @ztrb
@TP-Dracoo is correct.
According to your screen shot, with .98 of available space left, there are to many apps installed and running in the background at the same time to reduce that amount of available space on your Firestick.
Even if you forced stopped them running in the background and cleared cache, that isn’t going to free up much more memory.
As @TP-Dracoo suggested, if you want to keep them all, move them to a fat32 Scandisk, Otherwise might want to consider uninstalling some.

Ya… I might have to do that… BUT the weird thing is THIS: I’ve had SAME apps since I’ve gotten new FS… With these same apps I had almost 2m of space at first!! WITH NO change/added apps, my space keeps literally shrinking each day… I’m stumped…

Thx for ur replies.
I’m about to wipe everything and reinstall cuz something is not right to me…??? I dunno?? Wanted to post here first to see what y’all think:)…thx again


Your apps update, and when they do they add to the file size.

I like firesticks but overtime this is a problem.

Go through all the apps and picks ones you don’t need, uninstall.

Important ones stay internal and rest on a USB. Also try taking off automatic updates. Don’t always need to update.



I’ll try this


If not I guess I’ll remove n then reinstall kodi cuz I have a feeling this is part of problem



Kodi is a resource hogg. It’s uses the most when you have a build.

Best way is to have no build few addons.

Also a video here to speed up kodi.

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I have changed my build 3x… obviously what I thought was deleted was not done completely…
Ugh… I’ll probably remove kodi n do fresh install…

Thx again


@Sbrowne126 @TP-Dracoo

…shout out n thx to u guys for ur replies to me yesterday ! It was such a simple yet huge issue in which I was somehow?? overlooking. Your replies gave me that simple “a ha/duh” moment…:joy::joy::joy:

think I was looking TOO hard for something else ‘wrong’ …ugh

I’m now going through files , apps and free fixing:)



Happy to help!

I’m glad we where able to resolve this. As mentioned the firestick as low storage. Always be on top of cleaning it up and removing bloatware and unused apps.

Rest can be moved to a USB.

If this is resolved please use the solution feature.

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