What happened to Trakt scrobbling on all add-ones?

I used to be able to go back to where I left off in movies and shows across all of my add-ones. For some time now none of them suggest that I can resume where I left off. Any explanation?

Maybe try to re-authorize Trakt?

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I will check this out.

Back in the early days of KOLDI installing Trakt was a bit more cumbersome and there were more parts/options to install like the scrobbling. These days it’s pretty much just an authorization within the Addon and your done. However The functionality of picking up where you left off in a show or movie seems to be very hit or miss. Not a big issue for me

I went through the article and rather than re-activating each of my 4 add-ons, I installed the Trakt add-on for all of them at once. So far it’s working.
Thanks - Paul

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