What do you have on your firestick?

Just wondering what everyone uses regularly on their firestick.

I have expressVPN, Hypersonic IPTV (Soon to be deleted) Cinema APK, BeeTV and Analiti

What you got?

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NordVPN, Cinema; Cyberflix; one of the lucky few that still has Sapphire

Ip vanish cinema kodi analita mx player

IP Vanish, Hypersonic, Cinema

NordVPN, Troypoint Kodi 18.9 fork, background app killer, process killer, X-plore, Bookmarker 1, Plex, bunch of editing tools (hex editor, etc), Cinema.

All I can think of at the moment.


Wolf Launcher, Ipvanish, Cinema HD, Analiti, MX Player Pro, File Explorer, Fast Task Killer, and I’ll use some IPTV but only when there is something I really really want to see otherwise I don’t use them too much.


IPVanish, ExpressVPN, Analiti, Stremio, Cinema HD, Silk browser, livenettv, Ola TV, kshaw, Ludio, MX Player Pro, apps and process list, downloader, virus total, wolf, launcher manager and this is just a small list as I have an amazon.ca account and can’t load the vast majority of top apps like pluto, like amazon.com accounts can.

Hypersonic IPTV
Speed test

NordVPN, Jc media/the app(but not for long) TROYPOINT, Kodi(haven’t used/updated since November), analiti, Hulu, Disney+, HBO max, downloader, apply to, direct tv stream, Netflix, VLC, mx player pro and pretty much all stock apps that come on the Firestick 4K

NordVPN v 5.6.4+Amazon
Cinema HD v2
Cucotv v1.1.2
SmartYouTube TV v6.17.739
SmartTubeNext v12.79
TroyPoint [ Rapid App Installer v 5.0.7
Unlinked v 1.2.3

“Tools and Utilities”

Downloader v1.4.2
Wolf Launcher v 0.1.9
Launcher Manager v 1.1.3
MX Player Pro v
Fire OS DeBloater v 5.0
Fast Task Killer v 3.10
Informer v1.1.0
Launch on Boot v1.1.2
Mouse Toggle for Fire TV v1.081
Real Debrid v1.1.0
Solid Explorer v28.15
Taotlus v.652A
UCMate v46.0
FireOS Update Blocker


Wowie now there’s a detailed list tscole.

What does Unlinked do? And Informer and UCMate?

I could search but hey it’s more fun to engage in chats :slight_smile:


Movie HD

and regular paid apps for viewing.
I tried transferring MoMix to my FS by Apps2Fire app from Android phone and it transferred but couldn’t open. Oh well.

Don’t have a firestick, but if I had one.

Syncler plus
Real debrid on all
Kodi plus venom plus siren plus real debrid.

IP Vanish without a doubt
Dynasty TV/No limit IPTV
Kodi w/Xenon Plus Diggs Build
Honestly no need for anything else on your firestick.

Kodi with Diggz Xenon build, Fast Task Killer, Analiti, IP Vanish, Background App & Process List, Wolf Launcher, FireOS 6 DeBloater, VPNSafetyDot, X-plore

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AMC+, Pluto TV, Tubi, XUMO, Philo, IMDbTV, Peacock TV, YouTube, Locast, Downloader, Troypoint, Facebook Watch, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Cinema, Hulu, IP Vanish

Troypoint Rapid Installer
Syncler +
Cinema HD
MX Player
BBC iPlayer

Hello Capp,

Unlinked is an alternative to Filelinked and Applinked which you need no codes to grab the apps ,AND doesn’t seem to go off and online like the others.
Informer------Firestick users already owns this, like Downloader and Silk Browser, do a search on the Firestick for “Informer App”. Provides------which model/generation device you own, it’s hardware and video specs, and what known features or changes the various software updates have made to the device.
UC Mate------ gives users the ability not only to play audio and video, but also helps to download content to the device to watch later or revisit again are available for adding to playlist I mainly use it for YouTube and music apps like Spotify.

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